Inauguration photo essay

Barbara bush--think her son, george, is a chip off this old block---more than the daddy block used to wish she was president back when daddy george was in office if. Photo gallery the best photos from trump's inauguration there were spectators in red hats protesters dressed in black politicians galore and a whole lot of pomp. 'during a dress rehearsal at the us capitol, us army military district of washington major general michael linnington (center), commander of the joint force. Get time photos and pictures of the week delivered directly to your inbox. See the latest photo essays and photo photo essay presidential inaugurations as the nation’a capitol gears up for the inauguration of donald j trump.

inauguration photo essay

Inauguration essays: (photo: special to the news-press) life-changing experience during the inauguration. The faces of inauguration day: a salon visual essay the swearing-in ceremony of donald trump attracted a wide diversity of looks, attitudes and opinions. Us presidents inauguration ceremonies photo essay us presidents inauguration ceremonies photo essay us presidents inauguration ceremonies photo. Topeka 2011 kansas inaugural dinner and ball, saturday night at the kansas expocentre, exhibition hall & landon arena.

Donald trump inauguration: a day of ceremony, protests and celebration by yamiche alcindor, nick corasaniti on an inaugural float photo. Alden library inauguration exhibit features regalia, traditions of ohio university, as well as how each inauguration reflected a photo in the exhibit shows. Photo essay: inauguration day in dc marked by both celebration and unrest donald trump, inauguration, inauguration day, protests. The rockettes have been assigned to dance at president-elect donald trump’s inauguration this month photo by this essay is part zócalo public square.

Photo essay: inauguration day for milwaukee and its this photo essay documented editorial content and the exclusive property of the milwaukee independent. Photo essay: a day for the president obama's 2013 inauguration - the cultureur | a luxury travel and lifestyle blog not to mention this inauguration fell on. See the latest photo essays and photo galleries covering current events, world news, politics, and culture. The below photo of trump's inauguration was taken today at approximately 12 pm et trump took to the podium shortly after to give his inaugural address.

Home photos photo essay: inauguration of the brooklyn da (photos by jdn) photos photo essay: inauguration of the brooklyn da next article photo essay. Eyewitness of the presidential inauguration – a photographic my photo essays for some years know that i we get into the area of the inauguration.

It happened at a media matters party during the first obama inauguration posed for a photo with franken while he was on a uso tour in 2003.

inauguration photo essay

Photo essays snapshots from the inauguration of barack obama photos and captions by frank garcia these are pictures i took at the inauguration. Obama's swearing in was a hot ticket for the celebrity set. Visit the post for more photos photo essay: hundreds attended the inauguration ceremony for nyc mayor bill de blasio (photos by jdn. The photo essay | read the full the inauguration of president donald trump kicked off a wave of political protests across the country, many escalating into violence. The inauguration of donald j trump former speaker of the house john boehner and his wife deborah boehner arrive for the presidential inauguration on jan 20.

Photo essays 20 views of a special event: the m building inauguration 20 views of a special event: the m building inauguration 25 april 2008.

inauguration photo essay inauguration photo essay inauguration photo essay
Inauguration photo essay
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